About Us
Stephens Woods is a quiet subdivision located off West Point Parkway near the Civitan Club and West Ridge Park in Opelika, Alabama.
The Stephens Woods Homeowners' Association will work to:
  • Preserve, protect, and enhance the uniqueness and diversity of this neighborhood
  • Maintain the existing single-family character of the neighborhood
  • Organize and support the homeowners and other residents of Stephens Woods
  • Provide a forum for open neighborhood input and discussion
  • Communicate with and educate the Stephens Woods neighborhood concerning matters of public interest
  • Coordinate with our educational and cultural institutions to support programs that are beneficial to the association
  • Encourage and support the economic vitality and stability of our community
  • Maintain a close working relationship with our public officials and institutions
  • Uphold the public trust, above the personal self-interest of our board and committee members